It is no secret that the elements can play havoc on a wooden deck. When a deck is neglected it can become an eyesore in a relatively short time. Water damage causes cracks and splits boards while harsh UV rays turn the wood fibers gray making the whole deck very unsightly.  

To protect a wood deck from Mother Nature regular maintenance is necessary. Cleaning and refinishing a deck every couple of years is adequate maintenance to ward off sun and water damage.  Always remember, prior to staining or sealing a deck it must be cleaned. 

Setup - Power wash or hand wash proposed painting areas to remove dirt and mildew. Perform any necessary woodwork removal or repairs/replacements.
Preparation – Remove old nails and perform necessary repairs.
Paint - Prime repaired areas and apply premium quality paint to a uniform finish.
Clean - Cleanup is performed daily as well as at the end of the job. All old wood, nails and other materials will be removed from area.
Inspect - We always thoroughly inspect our work and we invite you to do the same. Our goal is to complete the job, as stated in the contract, to your complete satisfaction

TSP Contracting Restoration Process:
Day 1
1. Your deck is thoroughly examined for damage during estimate. 
2. Before cleaning we will remove all of the objects and place them in your yard. 
3. Your deck is cleaned with our special detergent and low pressure so there is no splintering or furring. 
4. Your deck is revived and brightened with our reviving solution. 
5. We neutralize your deck to rid of all chemicals and prepare it for sealant.

Day 2
1. We start off the day by examining the deck for problems that may occur in the future. 
2. Then we look for and reset all nails and screws that have popped up. (And replace any wood that is scheduled). 
3. The house or anything that needs to be taped off or covered will be done. 
4. The sealing begins. All decks are hand brushed to perfection.

Choosing The Right Color...
Deck stain is instrumental in keeping your wooden deck looking its best. Staining your deck will not only keep it looking great, but it will protect it from the elements as well. Determining the best stain for wooden decks can be tricky as there are many options available. There are many color choices available when choosing a stain, and they also come in varied opacities.  Whether you choose oil based, water based, light colored or dark colored stain is a personal preference as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is, when choosing a stain pick one that matches the exterior of your house and will be suitable for the amount of maintenance you wish to be accountable for.




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