Painting the outside of your home will increase the curb appeal of your property.  Driving up to a freshly painted home will not only feel great it will look awesome for years to come.  Using the right products and preparing the work properly will ensure your investment will be painted to last.  At TSP Painting, "Excellence"  isn't just a’s our only way of doing business. Our experienced painting technicians are skilled in an extensive range of services, including exterior prep, painting, staining, carpentry, power washing, wood repair, and restoration or replacement, and much more. 

We believe the quality of a job comes primarily from the prep work done well before the painting is even started.  Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust and loose dirt can affect the adhesion of the paint and the overall quality of the exterior painting job.  We always start with a thorough pressure washing which removes and cleans most of the heavy problem areas.  We then follow up with scraping, performing minor repairs, caulking around joints and trim which ensures your exterior paint will look professional for years to come.  

 When your friends ask “Who painted your home” we would love the referral “TSP Contracting” give them a call!

Other Exterior Maintenance Services We Provide:

  • Windows
  • Portico Porches
  • Dormer
  • Garage Doors
  • Front Doors
  • Deck/Porches

Setup - Power wash or hand wash proposed painting areas to remove dirt and mildew. Perform any necessary carpentry or repairs.
Preparation - Remove loose paint and scuff gloss paint. Caulk gaps to prevent water intrusion.
Paint - Prime repaired areas and apply premium quality paint to a uniform finish.
Clean - Cleanup is performed daily as well as at the end of the job. All paint chips are removed and materials are packed up and stored neatly.
Inspect - We always thoroughly inspect our work and we invite you to do the same. Our goal is to complete the job, as stated in the contract, to your complete satisfaction.




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