Your home is special and like many Americans, it is your biggest investment. At TSP Contracting, we take special care of your property and posses the necessary skills required for surface preparation, understanding the broad range of coating varieties, as well as the ability to diagnose and solve the unique challenges of every project. Our skilled professionals work to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared before starting any job and special attention is given to the covering of areas that are not being painted. In addition, a thorough cleaning is done at the end of each workday.

Painting can provide many advantages to homeowners,accentuating the beauty of a space, while increasing the value of the home.  The everyday, normal wear and tear will surely affect the interior walls of your home and when you add a new coat of paint it makes the room look like new again.  Neutral tones help create a warm atmosphere, while brighter hues will result in a more vibrant living space.  Many owners use different colors schemes to complement interior furnishings and decor. Additionally, quality interior paints will also provide excellent stain removal and scuff resistance, which will help prolong the lifespan of the paint job.  

We believe a fresh coat of paint does wonders to any room and gives you a chance to try a new paint color theme.  TSP Painting, is focused on helping our customers see the great benefits of what painting can do for your home.  Whether you're in need of painting services for Walls,Ceilings, Crown Molding, Mantels or Cabinets...we've got you covered!

Setup - Move furniture and accessories away from painting area and cover with sheeting. Protect floors with drop cloths.
Preparation - Remove wallpaper if required. Repair drywall, fill holes and cracks in ceilings and walls, seal stains and scuff sand surfaces.
Paint - Prime repaired areas and apply premium quality paint to a uniform finish.
Clean - Remove all painting materials. Replace furniture and accessories to original locations. 
Inspect - We always thoroughly inspect our work and we invite you to do the same. Our goal is to complete the job, as stated in the contract, to your complete satisfaction.




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