If your home’s wallpaper has seen its fair share of wear and tear, or has simply become outdated, TSP Contracting can help! We offer professional wallpaper removal that will get rid of dingy, dirty or tacky wallpaper and give you home a fresh new face.  We have the knowledge and experience to quickly remove wallpaper, and follow up with our TSP Contracting Services to make your space match the home of your dreams.

Removing wallpaper is a big, time-consuming project. Improper wallpaper removal or do-it-yourself efforts can damage the drywall underneath and lead to the need for costly repairs. Skip the hassle and let our professional wallpaper removers get rid of your old wallpaper professionally and efficiently.  We respect your home, space and time, delivering worry- and mess-free professional wallpaper removal. All of this is with a focus on delivering great-looking results. 

A wallpaper removal project is not complete after wallpaper is removed. The walls must then receive multiple coats of skim, primers and finish to complete the look. When you are dealing with a remodeling project as in-depth as removing wallpaper, you want to work with professionals who have the skills and knowledge necessary to end your project on a high note. Contact TSP Contracting today!





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